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"See, Morgan? I told you it'd be fine!" Kelly exclaimed. School had let out for the day; Kelly was heading down the hallway toward the main entrance, followed by Guy, Maz, and Morgan.
Morgan sighed as he stared at the floor. "I feel like I've been eating nothing but cookie dough and frosting all day long..." He was dressed as a girl, same as the day before. Although his father had advised against doing that sort of thing all of a sudden, Kelly insisted that it would be a lot easier for everyone to adjust to the change after Morgan had been gone for weeks. The teachers' biggest concern wasn't Morgan's new look, but rather how far behind he was on schoolwork. Reactions were mixed, but no open bullying had occurred yet, mainly due to Kelly watching him like a hawk.
"Cookie dough and frosting? That sounds good!" Guy commented. "Maz, let's make it happen."
"I'll have to pass, Bro," Maz replied. "I really should study for that test..."
"What test?" Guy asked, tilting his head.
"The test that Mrs. Creature was talking about for almost half an hour?" Kelly reminded.
"Oh, THAT test!" Guy laughed. "A real man faces challenges as they come, head on!"
"You're going to get held back, Guy," Kelly groaned. The group left the school and moved toward the sidewalk, but paused when a car pulled up and stopped near them.
"PAPA!!" Morgan chimed. He hopped up and down in excitement. Nathan rolled the window down and gestured his thumb toward the passenger seat.
"Get in, Morgan. I know you gotta try to get to sleep soon, but you need new clothes, right?" Nathan asked. "I'm back to work for five days tomorrow, so today is the best day for this." Morgan nodded and ran around to the opposite side of the car.
Morgan waved good-bye to the others. "See you tomorrow! Or...later tonight, maybe?"
"See ya!" Guy exclaimed, waving back. Kelly and Maz waved as well as Morgan got in the car. He gave Nathan a kiss on the cheek before Nathan stepped on the accelerator and began driving in the direction of Megadale Mall.
Kelly grinned. "Such a good girl," she commented. Turning toward Guy, her expression turned sour. "Unlike some people."
"Huh?" Guy raised an eyebrow.
"Oh, nothing," Kelly lied.
"I might come by later, but I gotta hit the books for at least a couple hours," Maz told. He parted ways with the others, heading in the direction of his house.

In Megamonkey's lair, Dr. Frankenweather was working on the Ban-She's repairs and upgrades. A few of Megamonkey's greasemonkeys were assisting him, following his instructions exactly. Megamonkey himself entered the garage, followed by Virunga. "How are things coming along here, Doctor?" Megamonkey asked, walking up to the Ban-She and tapping his scepter on its armor.
"This machine was a worker drone! Made for manual laborness!" Dr. Frankenweather protested. "It's not a combat model!"
"How amusing. The only issues were with power consumption," Megamonkey explained.
Dr. Frankenweather motioned toward the left side of the Ban-She, which was still missing an arm. "You may have added the boron nitride armorness, but there's openings. Here, here..." he added, pointing at a couple of areas on the legs. "We need to start from scratch, use the ideas that worked...with a new design."
Megamonkey growled, glaring at Dr. Frankenweather and clenching his fist. He then sighed and relaxed. "I suppose you're right. Still, repair this one. I have a feeling it will be useful in the future at some point."
Virunga tapped his foot. "Why bother with any of this, Boss? Send me to take care of SheZow and you won't even have to bother giving this human a place to stay."
"Hmph. I gave you an opportunity to destroy SheZow, and you BLUNDERED," Megamonkey scoffed. Virunga growled, avoiding eye contact. "Now, leave the doctor and I to our work, Virunga. I'll call for you when you're needed."
Virunga paused, looking back and forth between Dr. Frankenweather and Megamonkey. "Right," Virunga obeyed. He turned around and left, making his way back to the upper levels of the lair.

In the She-Lair, Guy and Kelly were sitting in the chairs in front of Sheila. Kelly turned to Guy and narrowed her eyes as Guy leaned back and put his feet up on one of Sheila's instrument panels. "You know, if you want to skip out on your homework, fine, that's YOUR life," Kelly sighed. "But don't even THINK about skipping your training." She stood up and poked Guy's forehead. "Get transformed. I've got something new planned for today."
"Something new? Does it involve playing video games to increase my reaction time?" Guy asked.
"Ha ha ha! No! But, you were close. We'll be working on your reaction time and balance, but in a MUCH more effective manner than video games!" Kelly assured.
Guy slid off of the chair and onto his feet. "You go, girl!" He then transformed into SheZow. In the meantime, Kelly was walking over to the Shehicle. She hopped in the driver's seat and started it up. SheZow followed, but before he could get into the passenger's side, Kelly transformed the Shehicle into the She-C-10. It began hovering as Kelly opened the cockpit up.
"Jump onto the front!" Kelly yelled.
"The front? You mean...that?" SheZow asked, pointing to the front of the She-C-10's hull, which was smooth and had absolutely nothing to hold onto.
"That's right!" Kelly exclaimed. SheZow backed away, but Kelly simply glared at him until he finally gave in and jumped onto the She-C-10. "Now, I'm going to tilt this thing around a bit. Do your best not to fall!" She then shut the cockpit before SheZow could respond. Making a spinning motion with her finger, Kelly's eyes met SheZow's. SheZow took the hint and turned around, facing away from his sister so he couldn't see how she was manipulating the She-C-10's controls. Surprised by the sudden motion, SheZow staggered a bit, but didn't fall as Kelly leaned the She-C-10 to one side.

"Something...something! There must be SOMETHING around here!" Virunga growled, scouring Megamonkey's lair, searching room after room for something he could use against SheZow. A couple of monkey minions were following him around; Virunga knew he wasn't alone, but didn't care that he was being watched. Even after the two minions climbed onto his shoulders, he still paid them no mind. Fifteen minutes passed before Virunga finally happened upon an armory for the soldiers. A couple of said monkey soldiers were standing guard in front of the door while a few more patrolled up and down the hallway. Virunga pointed at the door. "Open it. Inspection." One of the soldiers saluted and turned to a panel outside the door; he pressed his hand against it. A beep was heard, followed by a click, and the door slid open. Virunga stepped inside, his eyes darting every which way as he searched for an appropriate weapon. "Too small, too small..."

Meanwhile, SheZow had fallen off of the She-C-10 a few times. Kelly's training was getting increasingly more difficult. The direction changes were more frequent and random, and she had increased altitude to the point where SheZow not only had to watch his footing, but also duck and sidestep to avoid the stalactites on the roof of the She-Lair. Much to SheZow's annoyance, Kelly had informed him that he was not allowed to destroy the stalactites, as this was an agility exercise, and his position had been changed from the front of the She-C-10 to atop the cockpit, where he had even less room to maneuver. After a sudden jerk in one direction, SheZow tripped over his feet before hitting his head on a stalactite and tumbling down the side of the She-C-10, landing on his back down on the ground. Kelly sighed and flew over to the usual parking spot before turning the She-C-10 back into the Shehicle, shutting it off and jumping out. "LAME!" Kelly scoffed, crossing her arms.
SheZow groaned, slowly sitting up. "You're crazy! Expecting all of that of me at once!"
"You can't ever stop trying to improve yourself, SheZow. What, you think all the baddies are just twiddling their thumbs? They could be training, or planning, or gathering followers, or building things to destroy you with. The more you can do, the easier a time you'll have!" Kelly insisted.
"I already have all these powers and gadgets. Not to mention my keen intellect," SheZow bragged, grinning. Kelly didn't buy that last part. "What more do you want?"
"You lost to SheZap, you lost to SheBang..."
"That loss against SheBang didn't count. I only lost because of those stupid rules you set up for the fight!" SheZow complained, pointing his finger at Kelly.
Kelly didn't back down. She glared at SheZow. "If you could actually resonate with SheZow better, Guy, this wouldn't be an issue. You'd be as strong as Aunt Agnes was, maybe even more, someday!"
"Fine! I'll prove to you that I can get things done here and now!" SheZow declared, turning his back to Kelly. "I'm going to look for SheZap. I'm not coming home until she's worm food." With that, SheZow took off, leaving the Shehicle behind.
"Wait, SheZow!" Kelly shouted. SheZow was long gone by the time Kelly even spoke.
"Well, that went rather well," Sheila commented, appearing on-screen.
"Why wouldn't he want to get stronger?!" Kelly questioned.
"As something resembling a male, he has his pride," Sheila pointed out. "I'm sure he just needs to blow off some steam. He'll be back before you know it!"
Kelly sat down in a chair with a look of utter disgust on her face. "Just keep an eye him, alright, Sheila?"
"Of course. I'm always watching, or listening. Or both," Sheila assured.

In order to avoid drawing too much attention from Megadale's citizens, SheZow mainly stuck to the rooftops, using super speed and well-timed jumps to travel around the city. However, he actually didn't have the slightest idea where SheZap was or what he normally did with his time. The only lead SheZow had, the one particular alley that he followed the goo trail to before their first meeting, turned up nothing. SheZow took a deep breath. "SHEZAP! I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE! COME GET SOME!"

"Too small, too small..." Virunga sighed. Pausing for a moment, he looked over in the corner of the room. He grinned as he laid eyes on a rather large weapon. It resembled an autocannon in design and featured a large handle with a trigger mounted on top rather than below, as well as a foregrip on the left side. Not needing to use the foregrip, Virunga grabbed the handle and lifted the weapon. Virunga turned to one of the monkey minions riding on his shoulder. "You know how to turn it on?" he asked. The monkey shrugged and pointed at the button on the back of the unit, which had a small light above it. Virunga pushed the button; the light glowed green as the weapon powered up with a faint humming sound. The cannon's four barrels extended, doubling the weapon's overall length. Next to the green light were a series of five other lights; all of them glowed yellow. There was one larger light below those; it was colored red, but wasn't lit. "This must have to do with its battery or whatever. Why wasn't the boss using this thing for anything?" Virunga thought out loud. He then pressed the power button again, which silenced the humming and retracted the four barrels. "You two, get lost. You'll just be in the way." One of the monkeys slapped Virunga on the side of the head and blurted out many sounds in the monkeys' native tongue. Virunga's eye twitched. "Fine. If I know you little guys, you'll run away on your own if it gets dangerous." Carrying the energy autocannon, he left the armory and headed toward the nearest window, opening it. "One of you guys close up behind me," Virunga told the patrolling soldiers before jumping out the window, plummeting toward the slanted mountainside. His feet connected right before he slid down the side of the mountain, while the two monkey minions were clinging for dear life.

Several hours passed. It was dark, and getting close to bedtime for Guy. However, he was still SheZow, and despite having gone around the whole city so many times that he lost count, he continued to search for SheZap. He had not been contacted by Kelly or Sheila. "Wait...what if she's been following me the whole time, and is just waiting for the right moment to jump me?" SheZow paused and looked around from atop the building he was standing on.  He then looked toward the east, regarding the desert that contained Megamonkey's lair, among other things. "I guess there's fewer hiding places out there. Maybe that'll lure her out!" SheZow exclaimed, taking off toward the desert.

Virunga's unauthorized weapon testing was interrupted by the sudden panic of one of the monkey minions. He jumped up and down, making noises and shaking his finger toward the direction of Megadale. Virunga lowered the autocannon and looked at the minion. "Calm down and speak slowly." The monkey took a deep breath before making more noises. "You saw SheZow? Are you SURE?" Virunga questioned. The monkey nodded several times. Virunga focused his attention in the indicated direction; sure enough, a cloud of dust was being kicked up by SheZow's super speed. Virunga aimed his weapon. "Been wanting to test this thing out on a human for a while now..." The energy indicator still had four out of five of the lights lit, indicating that there was still plenty of power left. Keeping his eyes on the dust cloud, Virunga waited; after a minute, the dust had mostly settled. He then squeezed the trigger, firing laser shots wildly in that general direction. A few seconds after firing, SheZow rushed toward Virunga's position. "You two, go hide somewhere," Virunga instructed. The monkey minions saluted and took off, hiding behind a large rock nearby.

"Oh, look who's here," Sheila commented, displaying real-time footage of SheBang standing near the land entrance to the She-Lair. After scanning for other traffic and confirming none, Sheila opened the entrance for just long enough to let SheBang teleport inside. A few seconds later, SheBang was standing in the main room of the She-Lair.
"Hey, you're here a little early," Kelly greeted, rotating her chair to face SheBang. She still had a sour look on her face.
SheBang tilted his head. "You look mad."
"I'm not mad! Guy is just an idiot!" Kelly blurted out.
"Allow me to explain," Sheila offered. SheBang gave her a skeptical look; he still had trouble trusting her as a result of past events. "Kelly and SheZow had an argument regarding SheZow's development and what does or doesn't need to be done."
"It's NOT an argument when one person is obviously right!" Kelly interrupted.
Sheila ignored her and continued. "So SheZow decided to try to settle things by going and defeating SheZap, presumably due to the result of their first battle."
SheBang had a look of worry on his face. "Wait...did you say SheZap? But..."
"Is something the matter, SheBang?" Sheila asked.
"Well...SheZap's kinda...well, dead," SheBang informed.
"What?! When?!" Kelly demanded.
"Like, back before that lady got kidnapped and I had to attack that lair," SheBang told. "So it was a while ago. Me and Coldfinger ganged up on her, and Coldfinger ended up drowning her in sewer water. Since she has the same weakness as SheZow."
"Well, THAT'S interesting," Kelly replied. "Anything else major that you did that you haven't told us about?"
"I don't know what counts as 'major'!" SheBang protested. "Anyway, SheZow's just wasting time."
"I'll let her know." With that, Sheila vanished from the monitor.

"You! I remember you, you're the one who kidnapped Tara!" SheZow exclaimed. He drew his Laser Lipstick as Virunga aimed the autocannon at SheZow and fired. Thanks to the earlier training as well as all of the blocking training he had done even earlier than that, he didn't have trouble blocking most of the shots and avoiding the rest. Virunga stopped shooting.
"And I remember you, SheZow. You're the one that the boss wants dead more than anything!" Virunga growled. SheZow took advantage of Virunga letting down his guard and charged, moving in to take a swing with the Laser Lipstick, only for Virunga to use the autocannon to parry the attack. For some reason, the laser could not cut through whatever the autocannon was made of; it merely made a small nick.
"Is that the same metal that was on that robot...?" SheZow muttered. He used his free hand to produce a Boomerang Brush and threw it. Virunga swung the autocannon, deflecting the Boomerang Brush before he jumped high up into the air and aimed downward, unleashing another volley of shots. SheZow used his super speed to get away from the area he had been standing in.
"SheZow, are you available right now?" Sheila asked, appearing in hologram form on SheZow's wrist.
"KINDA busy right now," SheZow replied. He let loose a Sonic Scream; Virunga raised his free arm to block the attack. He was pushed back, but unharmed. "Damn, this g--"
"SheZow, I have no idea what you're doing right now, but you're wasting your time. SheZap was killed by SheBang and Coldfinger a while back," Sheila told.
"Look, can we talk LATER? I'm busy," SheZow pointed out.
"I'll send SheBang to--"
"Tell SheBang to stay out of this!" SheZow yelled.
Sheila sighed. "Fine. But if you stop moving for more than a minute, I'm going to assume you're in trouble and ignore that request." She then vanished.

Meanwhile, Dr. Frankenweather continued his work, supervised by Megamonkey. The doctor paused. "Megamonkey, could you call for that thug of yours? I could use his helpfulness."
"That's what he's here for," Megamonkey agreed. He walked over to a console and pressed a button. "Virunga! Report to the workshop on the garage level, there is work to be done!" he ordered. Turning to Dr. Frankenweather, Megamonkey grinned. "Virunga's always eager to make himself useful. Such a loyal tool. He ought to be along shortly."
A few minutes passed. Megamonkey was tapping his foot. Dr. Frankenweather reviewed his notes before looking over at Megamonkey. "Shortly?"
Megamonkey pressed the button on the console again. "VIRUNGA! REPORT TO ME IMMEDIATELY!"

"More than a minute? Who does Sheila think I am?" SheZow gloated. He moved in close to attack with the Laser Lipstick, only for his arm to be caught by Virunga's. Virunga twisted SheZow's arm so that the blade was pointing away from him.
"What a short memory. I'm STILL STRONGER!" Virunga laughed. When SheZow went to use his free hand to counterattack, Virunga leaned in close and bit down on SheZow's wrist with his sharp teeth, drawing blood. Right before SheZow was about to use his Sonic Scream once again to free himself, Virunga dropped the autocannon and used that hand to grab SheZow's throat, preventing him from making so much as a peep. SheZow had a look of utter terror on his face as Virunga increased the pressure.

"...And that's how it is," Sheila finished.
"Pride? How STUPID!" SheBang scoffed. He then burst out giggling. "Did he SERIOUSLY make himself a target for THAT?! Hee hee hee!"
Kelly sighed. "Alright, alright, that's enough. You and Guy are very different, in more ways than one."
"SheZow isn't moving," Sheila informed. She displayed a bird's eye view of the battle that she had located using the SheZow satellite. "SheBang, you'd be--"
"Two minutes. Wait two more minutes," Kelly told. "SheZow got himself into this, and I want to see if he can get himself out."

SheZow's vision was starting to blur. Unable to reach for the Beautility Belt or even move his arms at all, SheZow's options were limited. He tried kicking Virunga in the stomach repeatedly, but with every kick, Virunga's jaws tightened on SheZow's arm, drawing more blood. Shifting his right hand which held the Laser Lipstick, he tried to twist it toward Virunga's arm, but the blade was facing the wrong way. Running out of time, SheZow tried one more move. Although he couldn't move his right arm thanks to Virunga's grip, he could still move his wrist and fingers. After deactivating the Laser Lipstick, he used his fingers to spin it 180 degrees and activate it again. Using the reverse grip, SheZow made a single motion; the Laser Lipstick slicing Virunga's left hand off at the wrist. Virunga's forearm armor did not protect him, as it did not extend far enough to protect his wrist. Blood gushed out from the stump where Virunga's hand once was; he roared out in pain. SheZow grabbed Virunga's right arm with his unarmed hand, and then used the Laser Lipstick to cut Virunga's right hand off as well. Dropping to his knees, Virunga had completely lost the upper hand. He watched as SheZow pulled the severed gorilla hand from his throat and tossed it aside. SheZow looked Virunga in the eye as he put away the Laser Lipstick. "Good luck getting any use out of that weapon without THOSE." Not giving up, Virunga promptly slammed his forehead into SheZow's, sending him tumbling across the sand. The two combatants' blood had made quite the mess of the area they had been standing on.
"The boss will have his freedom, even if I have to die for it!" Virunga proclaimed. He jumped up into the air, aiming his legs down at SheZow's stomach. SheZow rolled to the side.
"Heavy-Handed Super She-Slap!" SheZow's right hand increased in size; however, instead of attacking Virunga, he slammed the enlarged hand straight down onto the ground, creating a big cloud of dust around the two. Looking at his own wounds and hearing the sound of a helicopter approaching, SheZow opted to retreat, producing his Vanishing Cream and applying it to himself before he took off. It didn't succeed in completely hiding him, as the dust cloud created in his wake exposed his position. The helicopter, Megamonkey's gunship, fired a pair of rockets toward SheZow, but the super speed proved more than a match for the rockets' velocity. They exploded on the desert surface, completely missing SheZow.
Megamonkey cursed under his breath, steering the gunship toward the dust cloud that Virunga was in. "That blasted underling of mine..."

It didn't take long for SheZow to get back to the She-Lair. "Heeey..." SheZow greeted, waving with his unharmed arm. "Did I...miss...anything?" He wobbled slightly, but SheBang teleported next to him and held him upright.
"SheBang! Get him over to the Shegeneration Module! That thing we used for Maz that one time, remember?" Kelly instructed. She was frantically pointing toward the spot. SheBang helped SheZow walk over to it. Once they got there and the device deployed, SheZow pulled himself onto it without SheBang's help. SheZow looked over at Kelly.
"See? I told you I could handle myself as-is..." SheZow proclaimed as his eyes closed. The Shegeneration Module began humming as a feint light enveloped SheZow.
"Whatever. I watched the footage. You used some of today's training. But..." Kelly paused as she walked over to where SheZow was laying, and looked down at him. "I might have been a little harsh. You handled yourself okay, and at the very least, I doubt that gorilla is going to be hurting anyone else again."
"SheBang?" Sheila appeared on her monitor. "Things here are well in hand. You can head out on your patrol now. Try not to get into TOO much trouble."
SheBang jumped up and down with excitement. "My first night out as the new me!" He teleported, vanishing from sight and heading out of the She-Lair.
Kelly looked at the spot where SheBang once was. "I'm glad she--er, he's on our side now. And I'm REALLY glad Maz isn't here to see you like this, SheZow," she commented. SheZow smiled, his eyes still shut, and didn't say anything.

"FOOL!" Megamonkey shouted, smashing his scepter across Virunga's face. Virunga's arms had been bandaged up; his severed hands sat in a bowl on a table. Virunga remained silent and avoided eye contact, ashamed of himself. "Doctor, treat Virunga! Reattach his hands!" Megamonkey demanded.
"I'm not a MEDICAL doctor! Technology is my fieldness," Dr. Frankenweather replied, stepping back.
"Then...hmmm..." Megamonkey pondered. "I really need that OTHER kind of doctor at my command. FRANKENWEATHER!"
Dr. Frankenweather paused. "Wh-what...?"
"It looks like Virunga is strong enough to wield the H4-1L cannon. And here I thought it was nothing but a design failure. I want to make use of that strength, but without hands, he can't pull a trigger. Therefore, you will design new MECHANICAL hands for him," Megamonkey ordered.
"A cyborgness? I've never done that before--"
"Are you saying you can't DO IT?!" Megamonkey demanded, raising his scepter.
"I CAN DO IT!" Dr. Frankenweather insisted. "Designing and building the hands is child's playness. But linking them with a biological user..."
"Very well, I'll see about finding a medical doctor to assist you. Do what you can in the meantime, and then get back to your other projects. And Virunga..." Megamonkey turned to Virunga, scowling at him. "NEVER go off on your own again. I direct my pawns in such a way to minimize risk, not only to myself, but them as well. I don't like wasting RESOURCES!" Megamonkey yelled.
"I...apologize," Virunga responded. He lowered his head.
Megamonkey grinned. He always enjoyed it when others humbled themselves before him. "This may yet be an advantage. But will you be able to face your kind again as a cyborg?"
"You mean, return to the mountains? I don't belong there anymore. Once you're rid of SheZow, I'm going to devote myself to slaughtering every last human who hunted my kind," Virunga declared.
"Heh heh heh....HAHAHAHAHA!" Megamonkey laughed. "I look forward to it."
Got a new fic out there! It's on the short side, though. Finally got to give SheZow some more time in the spotlight.
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