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"Ugh, where is that SheZap hiding?" It was almost nine o'clock at night; SheZow was driving around Megadale, searching for his evil clone. Sheila had told him that SheZap was causing trouble in the area. SheZow noticed a lot of damaged property, but no sign of SheZap yet. SheZow was out alone that night, since Maz had caught a cold as a result of their recent battle against Coldfinger at the park, and still hadn't recovered from it.
Sheila appeared on the Shehicle's monitor. "You might want to slow down. Chances are SheZap will find you, but she won't be able to if you don't give her a chance."
"Ugh...yeah, you're right. I just want to get this done and over with," SheZow sighed. It just wasn't the same without Maz's commentary. Stopping the Shehicle at the side of the road, SheZow jumped onto its hood, sat down, and waited. Several minutes passed. "Don't tell me this is just the villain version of a ding-dong-ditch..." SheZow's eyes suddenly went wide as he heard a loud splat right next to him. "What was--" He looked at the Shehicle to see a glob of green goo stuck to it. "HEY!"
"Hahahaha!" Walking into view from an alley, SheZap grinned at SheZow. "Your car looks much better with a bit of contrast." SheZow rushed at SheZap with his super speed and took a swing at him, but didn't connect thanks to SheZap's own super speed. "How sloppy." SheZap looked around. "Huh. No sidekick today?"
"I'm more than enough to handle you!" SheZow produced his Laser Lipstick. SheZap armed himself with his Laser Hair Curler. The two clashed blades repeatedly. Both combatants trying to force the other back after locking their blades against one another's; SheZow attempted to break the stalemate with a Sonic Scream, only for SheZap to avoid it by phasing underground. SheZow lost his footing due to the momentum, falling forward onto the pavement. SheZow growled. "C'mon, get your head in the game..." Maz's absence was affecting SheZow's concentration a lot more than he thought.
SheZap re-appeared across the street and laughed. "That's all you've got? Not much of a night owl, are you?" He produced two handfuls of goo, throwing them at SheZow. SheZow rolled to the side before jumping up and running after SheZap, who also took off running. He led SheZow all over the place; along streets, behind buildings, in between moving vehicles, all the while both of them using super speed.
"How long are you gonna run away from me, chicken?!" SheZow yelled. SheZap just laughed as he headed into an alley. SheZow turned the corner to follow him, only to be faced with a dead end that SheZap had clearly phased through. SheZow looked from side to side, then up and down, and sighed. "What a drag....well, back home, I guess..." SheZow headed back to where he had parked the Shehicle, not seeing any sign of SheZap on the way there. When he was about ten meters from the car, SheZow noticed a familiar face stand up from inside it. "...SheZap?! Hey! Outta my ride!"
"Finders keepers! It's MY ride now!" SheZap laughed while stepping on the accelerator and taking off.
"Get back here!" SheZow shouted, attempting to catch up using his super speed. It was no use, however, as the Shehicle was much faster. Tiring out from the constant use of his super speed, SheZow stopped to catch his breath. "This isn't going to work....need a new plan...." He walked off of the road onto the sidewalk, and sat down with his back against a building.
Emitting a hologram from the wrist of SheZow's glove, Sheila appeared in front of SheZow. "I detected both you and the Shehicle moving...separately. But Maz isn't with you tonight, correct?"
"....Yeah," SheZow confirmed, reluctantly.
"What happened?"
"SheZap...kinda...hijacked the Shehicle..."
"....That's not funny."
"I KNOW!" SheZow yelled. He pressed the palm of his hand against his forehead, cringing. "Sheila, can't you do something? You can control the Shehicle, right?"
"As much as I'd love to, I can't. Someone pressed the manual override button."
"Oh! Yeah, that was me. It gets annoying when I'm trying to cruise around and have fun, only for you to all of a sudden take control and make me go somewhere serious," SheZow confirmed.
"Hahaha...." SheZow scratched the back of his head. "No hard feelings?"
"This is no laughing matter, SheZow. The Shehicle only recognizes authorized, Kelly, Maz...but SheZap is your clone. It can't differentiate between the two of you. You're going to have to get it back somehow," Sheila explained.
"Are you she-rious? I can't go that fast!" SheZow protested. "...If only Maz were here..."
"And what, pray tell, would Maz do about it?"
"Well....I don't know! But he'd be a bro about this whole thing instead of ripping on me!"
"Oh, don't be such a baby," Sheila told. "Surely you've been through worse?"
"Okay, yeah, I have. I'll give it a shot, maybe...set a trap, or something."
"You can't go wrong with traps, really," Sheila agreed. "Now go get her. I can still track the Shehicle's position. Look." Her hologram then vanished, and was replaced by a hologram of Megadale's map, as SheZow got back up on his feet. The map hologram showed an icon of the Shehicle, moving quite quickly, and an icon of SheZow, standing still. The SheZow icon moved along with him as SheZow got going again.

Changing the Shehicle into the She-C-10, SheZap flew it up to the roof of a nearby building. He hovered above it before changing it back into the Shehicle and landing. SheZap jumped out. " Let's fix that!" Producing green goo from behind his back, SheZap rubbed it all over the Shehicle like paint. Only the interior was spared the goo treatment. After giving it time to dry, SheZap hopped back in and drove the Shehicle directly off of the roof, landing on the road below. "Let's have a little fun now, shall we?" SheZap floored the accelerator and drove about recklessly, even ramming other vehicles off of the road. Hearing a noise from the front of the Shehicle, SheZap looked around, but saw nothing. Continuing to drive, he was surprised as SheZow appeared in the passenger seat.
"Good ol' Vanishing Cream," SheZow commented, punching SheZap in the face. SheZap recoiled, losing control of the Shehicle and veering into the opposite lane. "HEY! Watch the road!" SheZow took the wheel and steered back into the proper lane to avoid the oncoming traffic, only to be punched in the back of the head by SheZap. SheZap held the wheel with one hand and repeatedly punched SheZow with the other, still managing to keep control of the car.
"Oh, you're good!" SheZap pointed out. "Too bad you don't have the guts to play for real! But, as for me..." SheZap drew his Laser Hair Curler and activated it. SheZow looked up just as SheZap slashed down toward him. Luckily, SheZow stopped the attack by catching SheZap's arm with both of his own.
"Nice try!" SheZow mocked. He tightened his grip on SheZap's arm, attempting to crush it. His fingers then passed right through SheZap's arm; SheZap had used his phasing ability on his arm alone to free himself. Performing a horizontal slash with his Laser Hair Curler, SheZap forced SheZow to duck down. SheZap then did a downward thrust, to which SheZow responded by using his arms to propel himself into the air. SheZow had forgotten, though, that he had been inside a moving vehicle. SheZow landed on the road and tumbled over and over, finally coming to a stop near the side; there was enough room for oncoming traffic to avoid him. SheZap suddenly did a u-turn and came back, ramming other cars out of his way, aiming the front bumper right at SheZow. SheZow jumped over the Shehicle and produced his Vanishing Cream once more before coating himself in it. SheZap cursed before getting back onto the right side of the road and heading off. SheZow sighed. "This IS gonna be a tough one...and what's with that paint job?! Ugh."
Kelly's voice could be heard from SheZow's glove. "Hey! C'mon, SheZow is WAY better than this. Don't give up!"
"Sorry, sis..." SheZow sighed. "It's weird without Maz. I need some advice on how to handle this!"
"Hmmm..." Kelly pondered. "Well, the Vanishing Cream doesn't really run out, does it? Hee hee hee."
"I...guess not?"
"Get creative with it."
"...Oh. Ooooohhhh! I gotcha. Leave it to me!" SheZow then took off to look for what he needed.

"I could get used to this," SheZap commented as he cruised around town. He made a point of purposely nearly hitting every pedestrian he saw. Driving alongside a traffic light, he produced his Laser Hair Curler in his left and and nicked it, causing it to tip over at the base, but not quite fall over. "Aww. Bad luck." He put the weapon away as he looked for a new game to play.
"Where...?" SheZap slowed down and looked around. SheZow was standing in an alleyway wide enough for a vehicle to easy fit inside.
"Over here, loser!" SheZow yelled.
"Oh, THIS looks fun!" SheZap sped toward SheZap's position, only to all of a sudden hear the sound of slamming into something. The car came to a halt as SheZow jumped from one side of the alley to the other, scaling the buildings. "Hey! What's going on here! Move, damn you...!!" The Shehicle was still making sounds, but would not move forward. Suddenly a train car that had been stood up in the alleyway appeared directly in front of the Shehicle. By the time SheZap put two and two together, SheZow kicked SheZap in the face, knocking him out of the Shehicle and onto the pavement. The train car tipped over, landing on top of the Shehicle. SheZap growled, looking at the Shehicle. "Oh....FINE. I'm bored anyway!" SheZap phased into the ground. SheZow stood near where SheZap had phased, looking around and listening for further signs of him.
"Phew!" SheZow breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to the Shehicle. "Poor girl. She needs a good cleaning." SheZow lifted the train car off of the Shehicle and stood it back up in the alleyway. "As for this, I'll clean it up tomorrow."
"Huh--" SheZow was suddenly knocked into the wall of a building by an attack from behind. It was SheZap's She-Slap. SheZap burst out laughing.
"Did you...hahahaha...!! Did you seriously fall for that kid's trick?!"
SheZow pulled himself to his feet, only to be hit with goo thrown by SheZap. SheZow was stuck to one of the walls in the alley. "...This is really, really disgusting, you know. You ought to hang out with Tara more often."
"Whatever! You know..." SheZap moved his face right up close to SheZow's. "I was going to kill you this time, but I think the humiliation of having your precious car stolen AGAIN would be a much more fitting fate!" Laughing again, SheZap slapped SheZow's cheeks a couple of times before hopping into the Shehicle and taking off.
"...You have got to be kidding me!" SheZow had a disgusted look on his face. His eye twitched as he watched SheZap drive away. Struggling to free himself from the goo, he managed to do so after about half a minute of effort. He took off again, using the hologram map to track SheZap's position.

SheZap's travels took him to Megadale's beach. Since it was late, there were no people around. SheZap stopped the Shehicle and looked out at the water. "That's right, this thing can go underwater too, huh...maybe I'll go and SINK SOME SHIPS."
SheZow arrived on the scene. It hadn't taken him long to catch up, as SheZap hadn't been going full throttle due to assuming SheZow had given up. "Give me my Shehicle back, NOW."
"Why should I? You want it back, come and get it!" SheZap mocked. He hit the accelerator and took off down the street a distance before changing the Shehicle into the She-C-10, being followed by SheZow. SheZow jumped in an attempt to grab it, but fell short. On the way down, SheZow aimed a Sonic Scream at the She-C-10, but SheZap was easily able to fly out of harm's way. SheZap turned the She-C-10 around, flying toward SheZow's position and firing several missiles. SheZow avoided them with his super speed, but wasn't able to grab the jet. The She-C-10 then flew over the ocean and changed again, this time into the SS SheShell. It plunged into the ocean and disappeared from sight.
"I'm not letting you get away!" SheZow yelled. The Sheila hologram appeared again.
"Oh yes, you are."
"Sheila?" SheZow raised an eyebrow. "I'm a bit busy right now!" SheZow jumped onto the beach and headed for the water.
Sheila sighed. "Tell me, SheZow, how exactly do you plan to proceed?"
SheZow stopped. "Uh...forward?"
"With what, exactly? Go into the water and your 'do will be ruined. And good luck using the She-Lac underwater."
"Oh..." SheZow looked down.
"Not to mention your Laser Lipstick won't function, you won't be able to throw your Boomerang Brush, the Vanishing Cream will get diluted...need I continue?" Sheila explained.
"Wow. I really blew it, huh?" SheZow asked.
"Now, now. I'm partially responsible. I'll be sure to come up with a solution to this problem sometime in the future, but for now, all you can do is come home and get some sleep. Kelly's already gone to bed. I'll do what I can in the meantime, and we can all get a fresh start in the morning," Sheila assured.
"Yeah, okay, I could use some shut-eye," SheZow agreed. He then used his super speed to get home in a flash. "She-yeah!" SheZow turned back into Guy and headed inside, en route to his bedroom. By the time he flopped down on his bed, it was already ten o'clock.

The She-Lair was looking quite barren, with not a single human populating it, and even the Shehicle missing from its usual spot. "So...SheZow fighting underwater isn't viable, but....oh." Sheila suddenly flashed a smile. "I just had the most...spectacular idea..." Sheila locked the entrances to the She-Lair, ensuring that neither Guy nor Kelly could get inside for the time being.

In the usual downtown Megadale spot, SheBang was hanging around, doing minor property damage and generally having fun. This part of town had been spared from SheZap's joyriding; SheBang had no idea of what had happened. "Hee hee hee...I wonder if there's anyone to play with around here..." SheBang happily skipped along the sidewalk as he giggled.
SheBang suddenly stopped in his tracks. He looked around, but the few pedestrians on the street weren't making eye contact with him. The voice didn't sound like SheZap's, either. The traffic was proceeding as normal. "Who--" SheBang paused as he teleported up into the air, and then onto a rooftop. He drew his Laser Hair Dryer and looked around. He charged a shot up and fired, taking out a lamp post. The pedestrians scattered as it fell over. "Who's there?! I'LL KILL YOU!"
"Now now, that's not very ladylike..." Sheila appeared, via a hologram from SheBang's glove, much the same way she would keep in touch with SheZow.
SheBang screamed. "Who are...what are...!!" He pointed his weapon at Sheila and fired, only for the shot to harmlessly pass through Sheila.
"This is a hologram. Good luck with that," Sheila teased. SheBang closed his left eye and fired a beam from his right down at Sheila, but it passed through Sheila as well and burned a hole in the roof of the building.
"GHOST! GET AWAY FROM ME!" SheBang curled up and put his head against his knees.
"Oh, for..." Sheila sighed. "Calm down. I'm not a "ghost", nor am I going to leave until you listen." SheBang was trembling. "Do the names SheZow and SheZap ring any bells, Cupcake?"
SheBang stopped trembling, and looked at Sheila. "...Oh, so you're--"
"I'm SheZow's supercomputer," Sheila interrupted. "I need you for a job. You're going to do it."
"To hell with you! Why should I listen to ANYTHING you say?" SheBang demanded.
"Oh, a number of reasons....for example, I could give SheZow the means to kill you effortlessly..." Sheila informed. SheBang's eyes widened. "Or, I could give YOU some useful information. About all sorts of things, really. Your powers...your WEAKNESS...SheZow's weakness...perhaps more?"
"HA!" SheBang laughed. "Me, a weakness? You're off your rocker!"
"Am I? Why don't you try undoing your pigtails, and then attempt to punch a hole in the roof you're standing on," Sheila instructed.
"My pigtails?" SheBang tilted his head. "This is a load of bull." SheBang removed both ribbons from his hair, letting it fall naturally. He then looked down at the roof, raised his fist, and slammed it into the roof full-force. "...OWWWWW!!" SheBang cried, clutching his hand in pain. He shed a few tears.
"Your weakness is having your pigtails untied. It would be wise to re-tie them and refrain from letting them get untied in the future."
"YOU OLD BAG!" SheBang spat.
"No need to make this personal. This is business, after all. Now do you believe me when I say I have useful information?" Sheila asked.
"How do you even KNOW--"
"That's my little secret."
"Just get lost, I don't want any part in this..."
"I've been accommodating long enough. From now on, when I talk...listen," Sheila told. "You're going to do this job or I'm going to tell SheZow your weakness."
SheBang groaned and looked away from Sheila. "Then tell me about this stupid job so I can get it over with."
"It concerns SheZap specifically. Play your cards right and maybe, just can finish her?" Sheila grinned as SheBang re-tied his pigtails. "Two birds with one stone, on your part."
"What makes you think I care about SheZap?"
"Oh, don't play the fool. You think I don't know how you broke off your little alliance with SheZap and attacked her?" Sheila's expression turned serious. "SheZap is a threat to you, far more than SheZow ever could be. SheZow has...morals. SheZap, on the other hand, is a raving lunatic, even more so than YOU are."
"Yeah, she looks like she'd be right at home at a rave," SheBang agreed. "Okay, so you have a point. I could sleep a LITTLE better if SheZap was dead."
"Back to the briefing, then. SheZap made off with SheZow's Shehicle, and your job is to get it back."
"Why can't SheZow do it herself?"
"That's none of your business....for now. Use your head and maybe you can figure it out. In any case, I can provide you a map, as well as the Shehicle's location. As long as the Shehicle is moving, SheZap will be in it. And one other thing..."
"This job. You only have ten hours. If you don't have it done by then, I'll tell SheZow your weakness."
"HEY!" SheBang growled. "You told me that if I DID the job, that you'd keep your mouth shut!"
"The time limit isn't there for fun. It's a necessity. If you fail, or if SheZow were to show up to see you attempting to get the Shehicle back for her..." Sheila sighed. "That would make things DIFFICULT. And if you make things difficult for me, then I have no further business with you."
"Hey! W-wait!" SheBang stammered. "I'll do it. I'll get your Shehicle back in LESS than ten hours. What do I do with it when I get it?"
"Oh, that's the easy part, but I'll tell you that once you've dealt with SheZap," Sheila assured. "Any other questions before you hop to it?"
"Yeah. You know all this stuff. You could probably get me killed if you really wanted to..." SheBang sighed. "So why? Why don't you just force me to stop what I'm doing? Why don't you force me to become SheZow's ally, a hero of justice loser?"
"Absolutely NOT!" Sheila protested. "You are not to join SheZow's side. EVER. I couldn't care less about your juvenile behavior that you pass off as "villainy". You just keep doing your own thing, and I'll be in touch if I ever need you again. Needless to say, you'll be rewarded for success, and...punished for failure."
"Okay, I get it," SheBang replied. Sheila smiled before dispelling her hologram and putting a map hologram in its place. This map covered a much wider area than SheZow's, as SheZap was in the ocean. A SheBang icon appeared on the map indicating his position, as well as an SS SheShell icon indicating SheZap's.
Sheila's voice could still be heard. "Fairly self-explanatory. SheZap doesn't know you're coming for her, so don't waste that advantage. Your map won't work underwater, so surface if you lose sight of SheZap." SheBang vanished from the rooftop, teleporting across the sky. It didn't take him long to reach the beach. He looked out toward the ocean. "Oh, and here's a few more complimentary tips to reward your good behavior so far."
Sheila grinned. "Underwater combat is a bit more limiting than what you're used to. Your Laser Hair Dryer, Compact Sticky Bombs, Heart Shield, and Heat Vision Wink won't work at all, since they're all energy-based. Your Shuribbons won't be able to be thrown, for obvious reasons. You'll have to rely on your teleportation and super strength for the most part, as well as your wits. Don't worry about air, that's neither a problem for you nor SheZow."
"So it's called the "Heat Vision Wink", huh..." SheBang commented. "What's your name, anyway?"
"It's Sheila. Here's to a relationship, SheBang."
"...Yeah, okay." SheBang teleported again, heading up into the sky.

SheZap piloted the SS SheShell through the water, eying all of the marine life. Even without sinking any boats yet, he was quite entertained. "So many creatures...I wonder what they taste like." SheZap looked around, and then straight up. "Hmmm...can't jump out right here, can I? My hair would get ruined by the water...what a lame weakness." SheZap put his hands behind his head and leaned back, closing his eyes. "But I suppose that's why SheZow has this contraption. Oh, wait! It's MINE NOW!" SheZap burst out laughing, slamming his fist into the dashboard repeatedly. "This thing sure is durable!" Suddenly, a blip appeared on the SS SheShell's sonar. "...Huh? What's this?" SheZap studied the sonar image, confused. The SS SheShell was suddenly rammed from the side, knocking it off course. SheZap slammed into the side of the cockpit. After shaking his head, he grabbed the controls and picked up speed, before making a wide turn. He saw nothing. "That can't be SheZow...SheZow's hair would get ruined in the water!" SheZap frantically looked from side to side with a toothy grin on his face. "But it's exciting, anyway! Come on out, you!" Suddenly, SheBang appeared in front of the SS SheShell with a handful of kelp. Producing a Compact Sticky Bomb in the opposite hand, he used the Compact Sticky Bomb to stick the kelp to the submarine's window and teleported away. SheZap fired off a volley of torpedoes, but they didn't hit anything close by. "You...I remember you, you little backstabber!" SheBang re-appeared, using the same technique to stick more kelp to the window. SheZap fired one more volley of torpedoes, missing again. "DAMN! This thing is useless!" SheBang continued his strategy until the entire front of the cockpit was covered, resulting in a large blind spot. "Forget this. Let's take this battle to the sky!" SheZap guided the SS SheShell straight up, surfacing it. SheBang teleported to the water's surface. Teleporting once more, SheBang was in the sky, free-falling, as he produced his Laser Hair Dryer and hit a button on the back, detonating all of the bombs. They all exploded into clusters of pink energy, and knocked the submarine a fair distance across the water's surface. There was not a scratch on it, however. The explosions had removed the kelp from the window.
"No way. NO WAY," SheBang commented before hitting the water. He surfaced and looked in awe. "Sheila, how am I supposed to stop that thing? SHEILA!" Sheila was nowhere to be seen or heard.
"Heh heh heh!" SheZap chuckled, turning the SS SheShell into the She-C-10. It took to the sky before circling around and firing missiles at SheBang. SheBang dove underwater and teleported, putting distance between them. He then teleported back up and surfaced. The She-C-10 was flying in circles at this point. SheBang fired several shots from his Laser Hair Dryer at the jet, which it easily deflected thanks to its strong armpr. Teleporting up into the sky, SheBang appeared above SheZap and fired again. The shots, yet again, were deflected.
SheBang was free-falling again. He let loose with his Heat Vision Wink this time, but was unable to keep the beam anywhere near on target. He growled and put the Laser Hair Dryer away before teleporting once more. "How the hell?! Sheila!"
"Yes?" Sheila's voice could suddenly be heard again. "You called?"
SheBang teleported again to keep himself airborne. "This isn't funny! None of my attacks are working! That thing's indestructible!"
"Then how am I supposed to do this?"
"That's for you to figure out; you're there, I'm not," Sheila told. "Just remember that it's the pilot, not the machine, that you're facing." Sheila went silent again.
"Oh, thanks," SheBang commented. He teleported yet again, only to find the She-C-10 flying directly toward him.
"Long time no see, SheBang!" SheZap laughed. "Oh...wait...she can't hear me. Oh well!" SheZap slammed the front of the jet into SheBang, who didn't teleport away quickly enough. He fell toward the ocean. SheZap flew after him and fired a volley of missiles. SheBang made a quick motion, but didn't teleport away. The missiles exploded. "Oh, very nice!" A single splash was seen down below. SheBang didn't resurface. "HAHAHAHA! WOW! Two victories in one day! Or was it three...? Ah, who cares?" He turned the jet around and flew back toward Megadale. A couple of minutes passed. All of a sudden, SheBang burst out from the water's surface. Sheila's hologram appeared.
"Oh, good job," Sheila commented sarcastically. "Now she's heading back to Megadale to turn it into her pincushion."
"That's the idea," SheBang explained. "I can't deal with this underwater and sky combat stuff. I like the solid ground the best. Not only that, but the Shehicle itself, in car mode, doesn't have a roof...if I remember correctly...right?"
"What a smart cookie. Apologies for my rudeness before," Sheila replied. SheBang teleported back toward Megadale, not taking long at all to reach the beach again. "Now that you've got a plan, I'll share some more information with you."
"I'm listening."
"There's a button in the Shehicle I need you to press for me after you get SheZap out of it. It's the manual override button. Clearly labeled. Press it just once and I'll be able to take control and take it to where it needs to go. From there, you can keep fighting...or run away, I don't really care." Sheila then vanished.
"So I don't even have to win..." SheBang thought out loud. "Hee hee hee. I can do this."

It was around midnight already. SheZap had gone back to joyriding around Megadale in the Shehicle. It was losing its thrill, though. SheZap sighed. "Maybe I played a little too much. There's no more interesting people to kick around..." He turned a corner, only to see SheBang standing in his path far away, in between the two rows of oncoming traffic. "OH! Such a durable toy, like die-cast! And speaking of "die"!!" SheBang grinned as he continued to just stand there. Right as the Shehicle was able to hit him, he teleported away. "That's getting old. Where are you, where are you...?"
SheBang appeared above the Shehicle, landing in the passenger seat. "Happy to see me? I even brought presents!" Keeping one hand on the wheel, SheZap went to punch him, but his fist was blocked by SheBang's hand. The two struggled against one another as SheBang used his free hand to put a few Compact Sticky Bombs on the car's interior. SheBang leaped from the Shehicle, rolling across the street.
"Oh hell, those...!!" SheZap had a worried look on his face, remembering the number that just one of the Compact Sticky Bombs had done on SheZow back when SheZap and SheBang had teamed up. SheZap cursed before jumping out. A second later, SheBang detonated the bombs. The car flipped over a few times, but was otherwise completely fine.
SheBang teleported across the street from SheZap and fired his Heat Vision Wink at SheZap, forcing SheZap to phase through the ground to avoid it.
"Now, girl!" Sheila told. "Hit that button!" SheBang teleported to the Shehicle, lifted it off the ground and set it down right side up. He jumped in, looked around for the button, found it, and pressed it. Jumping back onto the pavement, SheBang breathed a sigh of relief. The Shehicle made several noises before transforming into the She-C-10 and flying off without a pilot. "I'd suggest looking behind you, SheBang," Sheila warned.
"Huh?" Before SheBang knew what was going on, he was kicked in the back by SheZap and sent flying into a building's wall.
"You...!" SheZap growled. "You ruined my night! Everything was going SO WELL...." He ripped a lamp post from the ground and swung it toward SheBang. SheBang rolled to the side to avoid it, jumped to his feet, and threw a pair of Shuribbons at SheZap. SheZap dropped the lamp post, activated his Laser Hair Curler and swatted them out of the air. SheBang teleported away and didn't re-appear. "Oh...ha ha ha...!" SheZap laughed, clunching his head in his hands. "Next time...!!" He phased into the ground.

SheBang put as much distance between him and SheZap's supposed position as possible, not stopping until reaching the roof of Guy's school. He dropped to his hands and knees and was panting heavily. "I don't EVER wanna do that again!"
"Oh, come now, it wasn't SO bad." Sheila commented, appearing in hologram form.
"Not so bad?! SheZap's gonna KILL ME!" SheBang cried. "I still have to SLEEP, you know!"
"Well, regardless, you did what I asked. Here's your reward: I have something that belongs to you. I'm going to give it to you...someday. And don't worry, I won't tell SheZow your weakness." Sheila then vanished.
"Wh...what? What kind of reward is--" SheBang paused as he felt the ring indicating that he was about to transform. He quickly jumped down from the roof before turning back into Morgan. "...Ugh. This again. Whatever, gotta find somewhere to sleep..."

The next morning, Guy and Kelly headed down to the She-Lair. The doors had been unlocked before either of them had woken up. The Shehicle was back in its usual spot, scrubbed clean. "Hey!" Guy exclaimed. "It's back!"
"And it looks so clean and shiny!" Kelly added.
"Sheila, how did--" Guy paused as he looked back and forth between Sheila and the Shehicle.
"Oh, I can be very resourceful," Sheila commented. "Try to be less careless in the future, Guy."
" Thanks, Sheila. Whatever you did," Guy replied. His smile didn't last long, though. Looking at the floor, Guy sighed.
"What's wrong now?" Kelly asked.
"Ah, it's just...Maz. It's still not the same without him. I'm gonna go pay him a visit. The Shehicle...I think it can have a day off today." Guy then headed out of the She-Lair.
"...THAT'S my brother?" Kelly asked, narrowing her eyes and tilting her head.
"Oh, we'll make a good SheZow out of him, yet!" Sheila exclaimed.

Outside, Guy hid behind his house as he transformed. "You go, girl!" He then used his super speed to head over to Maz's house. When he arrived, he went into the back yard and grabbed a handful of pine cones. Aiming carefully, SheZow threw them, one by one, at Maz's window. After about half a minute, Maz came to the window and opened it.
"....Huh?" Maz looked only about half awake, his eyes partially closed. "Is that you, SheZow?"
SheZow waved. "You should stand back!" Maz backed up before SheZow jumped up and through the open window, landing in Maz's room.
"Wh...what are you doing here so early...?" Maz asked. He sneezed. "Is there trouble? I'm still sick, but if I" He wobbled a bit. SheZow grabbed his shoulders and held him up.
"Nah, I'm good," SheZow assured. "Just hadn't seen you for a while, so..."
"...So..." Maz laid down on his bed, resting his head on his pillow.
"So I came to visit, duh! It's what friends do!" SheZow pointed out.
Maz coughed a few times. "Well...thanks, buddy..." Maz forced a smile, trying to keep his eyes open.
"I heard from Kelly that spicy things are good for you, so..." SheZow produced a bag of Chipadillas. "A "get well soon" gift!"
Maz laughed. "...Really? It's still junk fo--"
"Don't you wanna get better? Eat!" SheZow opened the back up and grabbed a chip, feeding it to Maz. SheZow smiled as Maz chewed.
"I think YOU'RE the one....who wants me to get better. I'm having a blast not going to school...!"
SheZow dropped the bag and had a look of shock on his face. "Uh oh." Maz gave him a perplexed look. "...SCHOOL!!" SheZow jumped out the window and took off, pushing his super speed to its limits.
"Ha ha..." Maz coughed a few more times before reaching for the bag of Chipadillas SheZow had brought him.
Another fic! This MAY be my longest yet (for SheZow anyhoo), although only a couple pages more than Ent-Ice-Ing Treats.
kittylovecat145 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
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Nice work as always.

As for the theory on what that reward might be: A motorcycle, perhaps?
*Trying to think of a punny name for it.... and fails* Dang.

...Anyways, now I'm more curious as to SheBangs role when it comes to SheZow. Maybe it's some sort of epic war between Beauties and Cuties... or something.

...Anyways, keep up the good work!
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